Transformation is the objective of this project, to expand our thoughts of solidarity in all directions. So that together, we can improve the quality of education in our rural schools.
To provide the basic, indispensable foundations of education. Things like meals, clothes, tools for teaching and learning, electricity, products for health and hygiene. This project aspires to connect with the hearts of all people working in the rural education system, so that they will use the funding, not only in the primary needs, but in all aspects of education.

Ricardo Fabio Toriano
Coordinator of The Project OMPH



THE PROYECT: Introduction

Om Mani Padme Hum” is a sacred mantra of Tibetan Buddhism, the mantra of the Buddha of compassion. It is said that it contains the essence of all the teachings of Buddha “the sound brings liberation, peace and serenity when chanted” (Surangama Sutra)The buddhist teachings explain that the syllables of the mantra possess specific virtues that provoke transformation of distinct aspects within us.
To chant it will relieve suffering and bring purity and help us achieve generosity, the practice of pure ethics, tolerance and patience, perfection of perseverance, the practice of concentration and the perfection of wisdom.
The S.S. XIV Dalai Lama explains “
Thus the six syllables, om mani padme hum, mean that in dependence on the practice of a path which is an indivisible union of method and wisdom, you can transform your impure body, speech, and mind into the pure exalted body, speech, and mind of a Buddha.”

(An Explanation of Avalokiteshvara)
(Avalokiteshvara, The Bodhisattva of Compassion)

In the spirit of transformation of this sacred mantra, essentially similar to any religion or philosophy, this is the inspiration of this project. It is only for the purpose of solidarity and not for any type of monetary gain. It is an independent project for any one wishing to participate, from any religion, organization or nationality.

THE OBJECTIVE: The act of solidarity

The objective of the project is to help the rural schools with the donations made by the participants of the events. This will help contribute to the basic needs of the children and the teachers, providing them everything they need to organize class rooms and lessons in a dignified way. From food and clothes, to reading and writing materials, rooms, toilet paper, soap, etc

Many schools in the rural areas are not receiving the attention they need, nor sufficient subsidies. Soon they will be forgotten. We hope to create a conscience of solidarity with this project, to work in unity with the teachers. So that we can, together, create the best conditions for the childrens education. To reawaken their creativity, love and noble intention. Perhaps, with the colaboration of everyone, it will be possible to reconstruct a community with greater human values and ethics.

This project is an independent enterprise, it is not a select group, it is not a religion, it is not a political party. Basically we are just people with a great desire to help, with solidarity, integration and firm objectives. The organizers are without distintion of creed, association or organisation. They want to participate in the activities so that later, through the patrons of the schools, the areas most in need can be supported.

The donatons:
Powdered milk, sugar, cocoa, tea, mate in tea bag form, yerba mate, marmelade, powdered soft drinks, crackers and biscuits, clothes, foot wear, childrens games for pre-school ages, childrens gardens and playgrounds, class rooms, books, pens and pencils, rubbers for erasing, rulers, geometric tools, chalks, black boards, surgical spirit, hydrogen peroxide, cotton wool, plasters, bandages, tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, shampoo, toilet paper etc…


The events are open to all the community. They are group activities, with individual participants. The ideas and diagrams are based on the therapeutic qualities of ancient, healing instruments. Used sensitively, with the thought of the needs of the rural schools in our hearts.

We will have an opportunity to transform and perfect our virtues in a grand gesture of solidarity and union.

The events will take place out doors or in the case of cold seasons, comfortable indoor available spaces. Its here that we will present the patrons of the schools with the donations, that will be transported to the places of greatest need.

Information for directions, times and dates of the events can be found at

A new blog where you can share all your views relating to the OMPH project.

Anyone wishing to participate in the human mandalas should write to


The events have two different formats


This mandala is made up of two circles ,an outside and inner circle. The artists with their pictures should be the visual mark of the perimeter of the mandala. The artists should have some experience in sound and their art will be an expression of this to share with the public. The artists can exhibit as many paintings as they wish and the space inside the circle should be no less than 1 ½ metres. So that the public can enter and exit as many times as they would like. Also, the artists can be free to paint and express themselves freely with the sounds and vibrations of the gongs. The central point will be for one or more gongs and the gong performance will last for about 1 ½ hours.


1:This mandala will be made up of six concentric circles and the central reference point will be where the organizor is situated.

2:The circles will be formed with people who previously contacted the organizor via internet, radio etc. the organisor should publicize the event giving e-mail directions, so that all participants can be well informed of dates and times and let the coordinators know what instruments etc they would like to bring with them. It is so important for everybody to meet and communicate before the event takes place, so that the circles can be organized in advance.

3:The organisor needs to select coordinators , thus each one can refer to directions and organize their circle accordingly. Contact details of participants should be given to each coordinator so that they can then assess the level of skills of individuals. For the formation of groups at each level, beginner, intermediate, advanced etc

4:It is most important that the Organisor and coordinators hold a meeting before the event takes place.

5:It is equally important to hold a meeting before hand of the coordinators and participants of each circle to see how each will be formed. Especially in the case of some instruments, like the shamanic drums and other percussion instruments.


The instruments and activities will be performed in stages of 7 minutes of duration.

Starting with the first circle, the perimeter, with a moment of silence at the end, to give the following circle the signal of when to begin and so on to the next circle. Continuing successively through each until arriving at the central point of the gongs. Here there will be a gong bath of 10 minutes. Then the dynamic feeling inverts and the same pattern of sound with each circle will follow on from inside circles to the perimeter circle. The coordinators should stay attentive to the director when ending their performance, whilst the organisor guides the combination of harmonies into the distinct circles of instruments. These will be from the7 mo circle.

From the centre of the mandala, where the gongs are positioned, the director will follow the criteria of the last harmonic combinations of sounds. The finale will be to join together the different sound harmonies, as if the mandala on the outside is a representation of our interior human energies..harmonizing…uniting and integrating.

This will bring the beginning of the sound of the ceremonial caracoles .Mayas (el Aguila) and the culture of Tawantinsuyo Pututo peruano ( el Condor). The prophecy of the condor and el Aguila talk of union and the integration of the villages of the north and south and their ancestral wisdom. The same when they have played the four cardinal points beginning with the North and continuing through the rest.

Note:These formats can be adapted to all cultures of country of origin and ethnic back grounds, using their instruments. Always using the gong in the centre, use your instruments to form the concentric circles. Also there can be more than 6 circles, perhaps up to ten.

Order of the rings inside the great circle:

1st- outside circle: shamanic drum and shamanic maracas (COLOUR RED)

2nd- circle: didgeridoo (COLOUR ORANGE)

3rd- circle: Tibetan singing bowl, Tibetan bell (COLOUR YELLOW)

4th- circle: quartz singing bowl (COLOUR GREEN)

5th- circle: chanting of mantras (COLOUR BLUE)

6th- circle: silent meditation (COLOUR PURPLE)

7mo circle: centre point of the circle where the gongs will be positioned (COLOUR WHITE)

The grand human mandala:

The participants make a big circle inside of which contains another five concentric circles and a central point for the position of the gongs. Each circle will be identified by a colour. You can wear head scarfs to signify the colour of your circle, tea shirts etc. there fore each circle is identified by a colour and the sound of its ancestral instrument. The mandala will represent each chakra of our body, like an great prana tubular connector, the integration of the material, the emotion, and the conscience. A cosmic, collective conscience, converge,, all and every one of them, a generator of harmonic frequencies that these ancestral instruments produce in us and all that are present…holistic resonance…the energy of healing.

Organisation inside of the mandala:

Each group will have a coordinator who will develop the circle they choose to work with. the coordinator will instruct which of rythmns will be used in their particular circle and place each person inside the ring . Each coordinator following the directions of the organisor who will be in the centre of the mandala with the gongs, for the harmonic combinations inside of the circles.


Instructions for the organisor and the coordinators

The organisor should have a viable methology for finding one or varios ways to work together with the patrons of the rural schools. To build a stable programme from start to finish, with an adequate, well organised, united infra structure, with care , love and consideration to all involved. Thus developing an honest, considerate working relationship with the schools and patrons. The organisor should delegate the necessary logistics on the day of the event. For example: using volunteers to receive the donated materials, having boxes ready in advance for storage and transportation of the donations. An infra structure ready , for keeping all goods safe and with the necessary vehicles, for the later transportation of the boxes . Working in solidarity with the patrons to bring the aid to schools with those with the greatest needs given priority.

The events should be repeated as many time as possible with the same objective. Now we have the commitment to working together in the merit of the feeling of solidarity. So many people collaborating actively together (organisor, coordinators, volunteers..) All created with the principle objective of the project: to generate the conscience of solidarity in the community, an event where everyone is thinking of families and all are the principle benefactors.


Examples of the requisites of a Coordinator

They will have had experience in musical activities and possess some of the necessary instruments as the project does not provide instruments to the participants: the human mandala is formed in a specific way. The outside , biggest circle, the perimeter, is made up of shamanic drums and shamanic maracas, the second concentric circle is formed with Digeridoos, the third with Tibetan singing bowls combined with: every third Tibetan singing bowl a Tibetan hand bell. The forth circle will be made of quartz singing bowls, the fifth circle will be participants chanting mantras, the sixth circle will be silent meditation and the central point will be for three gongs of particular sounds and vibration…a symphonic paiste TAI LOI of a metre diameter and two planetary gongs Saturn and Chiron.

Everyone wishing to participate should firstly communicate with the organisor via e-mail of which will then be given to the appropriate coordinator of the group . So they can begin assembling and preparing their designated circle . Your poster will end with. The last date for inscribing to participate in one of the circles of the human mandala is the day……………………, we invite you to join us in this moment of change, the time is now!

Ricardo Fabio Toriano
Director of La Escuela Noble Sendero
Creator and Coordinator general of Project OMPH


If we understand that this is a form of a cooperative of the heart and mutually we help each other. The resonancy that we will generate, of thought, word and deed, will not only will be great for us but for everyone. All the ancient messages of the religions and great masters speak in the dimension of the reality of the now, in this brief moment. Let us not miss this moment, let us be children again but conscientious, let us enjoy ourselves, be alive and live for every moment, constructing bridges with our consciences, with our hands, from concrete to creative, from unity, from an open heart. The time is now and in every moment it is possible to reawaken your power of transformation, to positively change reality, for you and for everyone. We all share the same planet, do not forget ….we are all one.

Ricardo Fabio Toriano

Share this project with us and activate and implement it for all, with awakened and noble hearts…

12th November 2008, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

With Thanks To:
Mudras health shop, Aline Meyer, Marina Gonzalez, Luisa Podio, Ricardo Arakaki, Fernando Aramburu, Lic. Adrian Kanelson, Marta Shira Lagos, Paiste, Jose luis sanchez, Adrian peralta, Ilda Buverch, Alejandro Amurin, Silvia Fittipaldi, Ruben Hufenrueter, A.P.A.E.R., The Master Of Gongs Don Conreaux, and a special thank you to my students, because of them I am still learning, thank you for all the assistance I have received, firstly thank you to my family, Jorge Toriano, Yolanda Diaz, Giovana Toriano, and my maestro and father Alfredo Agustin Toriano. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, concert to concert, with foos, clothes, shoes and utilities; from an unconditional heart and above everything the ONE that is in everything and all of the things that do and do not exist, we offer permanent, infinite, unconditional love.

With many Thanks!!!
With an awakened heart.

Ricardo Fabio Toriano

Instructor and therapist of Tibetan singing bowls. Therapuetic massages including ancestral healing instruments.